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How high-performing governments deliver trust through digital services

This leading-edge collaboration from Boston Consulting Group and Salesforce reveals a powerful link between digital service offerings and people’s trust in their government.

Globally, 94 per cent of citizens now expect digital government services in their region to be as good as, or better than, banks, telcos, leading tech firms or other leading governments.

Meeting this expectation is today’s great challenge for public agencies. In Singapore alone, the report found 77 per cent of respondents say great digital experiences would have the highest positive impact on trust for the government. Importantly, almost as many say bad experiences decrease trust. There’s great risk involved in getting digital wrong, or not providing it at all.

With the vast majority of customers now expecting government services to be tailored to their individual circumstances, matching these expectations is not getting any easier for public sector agencies.

Using survey results from 24,500 people across 36 countries, The Global Trust Imperative examines:

  • Why digital services are critical to a functioning government
  • Meeting customer expectations that are high and continue to rise
  • Lessons from Singapore and others that are successfully delivering digital services
  • Agencies’ roles as data custodians and the need for transparency

Download the full report to understand how citizen expectations are changing, which of their expectations aren’t changing, and what agencies can do right now to build on the current momentum.

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