Blackline Safety Corp., is a global leader in connected safety technology. Recently, they announced a $2 million deal with Coventry, England-based Severn Trent Water, the UK’s second largest water company. The deal is for connected personal gas detection devices designed to protect employees and support the company’s digital transformation.

The new deal means that six of the 12 UK water and wastewater authorities use Blackline’s industry-leading technology. This will serve to protect more than 10,000 workers.

Severn Trent began the deployment of the first 1,650 Blackline G7c wearable devices in August. Within the next several months, more than 2,600 Blackline Safety G7c wearable devices and associated services will replace the water authority’s existing gas detection units.

Blackline’s G7 lone worker and personal gas detection devices are robust and intelligent connected wearables. They can:

  • accurately detect gas hazards
  • instantly notify workers and managers in real time
  • enable contact tracing
  • suggest corrective action to be taken to mitigate future incidents

In addition to these features, the devices are supported by Blackline’s professional 24/7 live monitoring service. These services ensure an extremely high level of worker protection that includes automated safety incident and health event monitoring with advanced features such as no-motion and fall detection, and missed check-ins.

This is a three-year investment that was secured via Blackline Verwood, UK-based distribution partner Breathe Safety. It includes an option to extend for an additional five years of service. This would potentially bring the total value of the deal to more than $4.2 million. Implementation and device rollout with Severn Trent is being lead by Breathe Safety.

“The value of real-time cloud-connected data, paired with scalable technology that adapts to changing work environments, allows Blackline to continue to see strong adoption of our connected safety solutions across the water and wastewater industry, providing water and wastewater services to over 26.6 million customers – almost 40% of the population of the UK,” said Julian Jarvis, UK Zone Manager, Blackline Safety.