In this episode J. Richard Jones chats with Alex Miller, President of Esri Canada about a joint research initiative between Esri Canada and Open North. The goal was to learn more about geospatial capacity in municipalities across Canada. People are fleeing the high cost of housing in cities and second-tier cities aren’t ready for it. They need clear and sharable data if they are going to make planning decisions for these new people or requests of the Provincial and Federal government to get further support. Tune in as they discuss the key role that digital transformation plays in municipalities, the challenges, and the conclusions.

In this episode:

  • The research initiative between Esri Canada and Open North
  • Small municipalities and the economic boom. Its about capacity
  • The need for sharable data and to be connected in a larger sense
  • GIS is the only way to connect the dots
  • The process for building geospatial capacity at a municipal level
  • Conclusions of the report