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Readiness and Resilience

May 26, 2022

| 8.00 – 17.00 EST


May 26, 2022



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Opening Keynote

Michael Wernick, former Clerk of the Privy Council

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Presentation A

Threat Landscape Update - Key Learning from Recent Cyber Attacks

As the ransomware landscape continues to evolve, and threat actors leverage new creative techniques to cripple business operations, what can your organization do to prepare and stay ahead of threats? With a deeply rooted reputation for delivering industry-leading threat intelligence, Unit 42 has expanded its scope to provide state-of-the-art incident response and cyber risk management services. Our consultants will serve as trusted partners to rapidly respond to and contain threats so you can focus on your business. Join Palo Alto Networks to learn more about the threat landscape and key learnings from recent cyber attacks.

Donald Tedrow, Security Architect, Palo Alto Networks

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Panel 1

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Panel 2

Public Trust and Citizen Engagement
Polling data in Canada and other jurisdictions shows that public trust in governing institutions is on the decline. Trust deficits carry real costs. Without the trust of the public, it is very difficult for governments to achieve their goals.

Business Transformation for Citizen Services
With the growing emergence of online services, more citizens are looking for an intuitive, user-friendly online experience.
Among governments, there is a new appreciation for citizen centricity, and a growing movement towards a redefined view of citizens as consumers, and the creation of digital identities that not only allow for increased access to services but do so in ways that enhance and improve digital security. Every functional area of a government needs to come together - business, organizational, and IT - to empower teams through simplifying operations, and automating services & workflows to improve the citizen experience. How can employees feel empowered to solve challenges faced with the transformation of citizen services? How can public service deliver connected, empathetic citizen experiences?

Dr. Lori Turnbull, Director of the School of Public Administration at Dalhousie University and Executive Editor, Canadian Government Executive

Brad Graham, Vice President, Toronto, Institute on Governance and Senior Fellow, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto
Dave Telka, Managing Director, Strategy and Consulting – Public Service, Accenture

Loren Krieger,
Director of Digital Strategy, Salesforce

Dan Batista,
Executive Director, Citizen First - Institute for Citizen Centred Service (ICCS)
Denny Prvu,
Global Director of Identity & Access Management, RBC Royal Bank of Canada

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Presentation B

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Presentation C

Comprehensive Ransomware Protection with NetApp and Decisive
Its not a matter “If” you will be targeted for a Ransomware attack – but “when”.  Learn about Cyber-Resilience and how you can protect your organization from future threats. 

Tech Design Sprint
Five business challenges drawn from a common issues plaguing industry, government and the community were presented to a team of peers to create solutions. Caleb will share highlights and what you can expect at the in-person reception taking place after the virtual conference concludes.

Matt Trudewind, Security Evangelist, NetApp
Daniel Watts,
Senior Manager – Service Development, Decisive Group Inc.

Caleb Walker, Vice President, Defence and Government, WithYouWithMe

11:50 – 12:45

Lunch & Networking

12:45 – 13:05

Lunch Keynote

General Sir James Everard, Former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander for NATO and a former senior British Army Officer

Digital Natives in Militaries
The ability to attract the right people into Defence is one of the greatest threats, and opportunities, of our time. Our ability to establish decisive military advantage in conflict is directly linked to our ability to find the right people; digitally-skilled, tech-savvy, mentally-agile, physically-fit and committed. Attracting and engaging with digital natives is the key to the success of Armed Forces across the Western militaries. Win the hearts and minds of digital natives and we win the talent war. In this presentation, General Sir James Everard will provide his unique global perspective as the former Commander of NATO to discuss a path out of the skills crisis unfolding across the West

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Panel 3

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Panel 4

Net Zero and Climate Policy
What does net zero mean? What is its purpose? How does decarbonization affect public service? What are the targets? How do we measure success? How do we move forward?

Digital Transforming Workload Migration
Operational issues like dispersed workloads, security gaps, and limited visibility on development teams’ output have leaders looking for ways to streamline management to simplify operations, satisfy business imperatives, and adapt to a changing work landscape.
The challenge for many organizations is with implementation. The organization knows what they need to do but they need help with how to effectively transition to a hybrid environment. It is not about moving workloads to a different infrastructure. It is about proper strategy and planning.
What are some of the best methods to get there? What is sensible application modernization vs. lift and shift methodology?

Dr Sherry Pictou,
Assistant Professor of Law and Management, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Governance, Dalhousie University

Nasi Jazayeri, Executive Vice President & GM of Public Sector, Salesforce
Velma McColl,
National Marketplace Growth Lead, Earnscliffe Strategies
Kathleen Mifflin,
Project Manager, Net Zero Atlantic


Shane Lafreniere, PureLogic IT, Solution Architect - Software, Security & Cloud

Sean Foley,
Senior Director, Global Cloud Transformation Strategist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Michèle Mullen,
Director General of Partnerships and Risk Mitigation Canadian Centre for Cyber Security

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Panel 5

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Panel 6

Future of Work in Public Sector
More Canadians are working from home and looking for opportunities to live outside urban centers. As part of this digital transformation, governments are taking steps to change their culture, creating an environment where flexibility and change are embraced., and where employees are encouraged to challenge existing assumptions.
What is the literacy that people/teams need for the shift to remote work? How do organizations manage people working from home and office? What are the measurements to consider? How do we implement equity and inclusion?

The Balancing Act
Any information assurance risk assessment will seek a balance between protecting information and providing effective access to information.
Today, this means control and management of data on a variety of devices, applications, systems and services.
To what degree do we understand our obligation and to deliver on the security of the information? To what degree do those conflict with or challenge issues related to privacy? How can they be integrated? How are we performing? What are the ways we could change our game as government?


Jaime Chanaga, Field Chief Information Officer, Fortinet

Corey Kiesewetter, Product Marketing Manager, Forcepoint
Craig McLellan,
Chief Executive Officer, ThinkOn

Rina Lorello, A/Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) Digital Strategy, Services and Innovation (DSSI) Sector
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Toby Fyfe,
President, Toby Fyfe Consulting

Dr. Isabelle Caron, Professor, School of Public Administration, Dalhousie University
Katherine Feenan,
Senior Policy Lead, Public Policy Forum
Alex Miller,
President and Founder,
Esri Canada

16:00 – 16:15

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16:15 – 16:45

Closing Keynote

Catherine Luelo, Deputy Minister at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat and the Chief Information Officer of Canada

David J. Anderson, Digital Transformation consultant with DND/CAF retired Brigadier-General

16:45 – 17:30

Networking Break  

17:30 – 20:00

Awards Ceremony – In Person Reception

90 George Street, Ottawa  (Byward Market)

RSVP – [email protected]

Tech Design Sprint
Presentation of winning solutions to 5 business challenges that are common issues plaguing industry, government and the community