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Why Advertise with us?

We’ve got the right demographics for your product message! – Readers! Associate your brand…

Brand Association

Associate your brand with credible editorial content from a trusted, well established brand.

Right Audience

Focus in on highly influential readers without the waste. Reach Canada’s elite public sector service executive with your marketing message! Our readers are primarily baby-boomers, blended in with today’s young, government professionals. They have the income, they have the lifestyle, and they want to hear about professional development, lifestyle management, financial planning, travel services and more.


Campaigns can be targeted to reach a specific audience by incorporating geo targets with inserts, mailers and BRC.

Measurable Results

CGE provides detailed performance reports on all digital campaigns. Use the reports to verify campaign delivery, track campaign effectiveness or to test different creatives, product offers or targeting parameters to see which generate the best results.

Unbeatable Value

With a wide range of media offerings in addition to a variety of custom opportunities, CGE can accommodate virtually any budget.

Customer Service

We offer dedicated account executives to help you every step of the way, as well as a support team of Graphics and IT specialists who will help execute the best online advertising campaign for your budget.

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