From Executive Government to Crown Corporation to Public Traded Company. Today in the show, we talk with Jeff Stusek, President and Chief Executive Officer of Information Services Corporation (ISC).

Jeff Stusek

Mr. Stusek leads ISC’s overall strategic direction in the provision of registry and information management services. His focus on people, business excellence and creating value for stakeholders has driven ISC’s evolution.

Under his leadership, ISC made the transition from a provincial Crown corporation to a publicly-traded company in 2013. Since the IPO, Mr. Stusek has led the company to steady financial growth and strong market capitalization through operational improvements and strategic acquisitions.

In the show, hear about ISC’s innovative approach to service delivery and the lessons we can takeaway. Learn how ISC has achieved success through its approach to service delivery, moving beyond customer satisfaction to customer excellence, and how the focus on customer excellence influences the culture of the business.

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