What would tomorrow’s cybersecurity look like? That’s an intriguing question to ponder given the current state of cybersecurity.

Cybercrime is on the rise globally with governments and businesses alike struggling to fend off threats every moment of the day. Would tomorrow’s cybersecurity be different than today’s? Will we arrive at the point where cybersecurity is robust and can defend from all sorts of attacks and at the same time protect us from losing the cyberwar?

The challenge with cybersecurity today is that due to the fast changing nature of technology, forecasting what we need to stay secure in six months to a year is very difficult. This is what puts cybersecurity in a vulnerable position. Being in this state is what contributes to the risk of losing billions of dollars and not only that but also the rise in tension between countries can lead to international conflicts.

Cybersecurity is a topic that is vitally important for all sectors and more so for government which plays a crucial role in providing online government services to its citizens. Take a moment and think about the outcome of a cyberattack on government services in Canada. What chaos and confusion that will create in the disruption of services but not only that the potential of multiple billions of dollars being lost is also a reality.

Can we change this going forward?

Canadian Government Executive is putting together a breakfast event on this significant topic, “Cybersecurity of Tomorrow: Perspectives from Industry and Government” as part of its CGE Leadership Series. This event will feature prominent speakers from the industry and government who will delve into the future outlook of cybersecurity with a focus on both the private and public sectors.

This event is set for November 29 in Toronto. Seating is limited so sign up early to avoid missing out on the perspectives of cybersecurity of tomorrow. Go here to register.