The success of organizations, and the Canadian economy, is directly tied to the physical and psychological health and well-being of employees. Workplace studies by professor Linda Duxbury over a 20 year period have shown negative trends in stress, workload, and depression. It’s clear that action needs to be taken, but how can employers work to reverse these trends?

Excellence Canada and Kimberly-Clark Professional have partnered to develop Healthy Workplace Essentials, a one-year strategy to help organizations strengthen the physical and mental health of their people while being respectful of time and money constraints. Together, they have published a foundational guide for the implementation of the strategy.

Objectives of Healthy Workplace Essentials are:

  • To help senior leaders understand the importance of an employee wellness strategy and the serious human and financial impacts of inaction.
  • To empower organizations to implement a Healthy Workplace action plan that is cost-effective, sustainable, and produces measurable improvement.
  • To certify and celebrate role-model employers as they advance through the Canada Awards for Excellence Standards.

“Organizations that have received other awards as exemplary employers are also likely to satisfy many of the requirements of the Excellence Canada – Healthy Workplace® Essentials,” said Allan Ebedes, president and CEO of Excellence Canada. “Those role models that come forward and share their effective practices with others will enjoy an enhanced reputation, through recognition and celebration of their successful journeys under the Canada Awards for Excellence Program.”

“We are pleased to be partnering with Excellence Canada” said Tom Fournier, Canadian director of sales for Kimberly-Clark Professional. “Working with them to develop a framework that can help guide Canadian employers into a new era of maturity in workplace wellness aligns with our efforts to partner with businesses to create Exceptional Workplaces that are safer, healthier, and more productive.”

The Healthy Workplace Essentials certification program:

  • Moves traditional health promotion programs toward a comprehensive and integrated healthy workplace system.
  • Ensures success through a focus on the most ‘essential’ policies, practices, and programs to achieve measurable improvement.
  • Embeds ongoing monitoring, measuring, and reporting for improvement feedback.
  • Supports your efforts with expert coaching, facilitation, and training as required.
  • Contributes toward a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.
  • Reduces costs, improves output, and increases profitability.

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