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How to enable a high performing workforce?

How to enable a high performing workforce? 

The future of work is going through a phenomenal change right now. Due to the pandemic, work has evolved to more of an online format. Collaboration, providing service, meeting deadlines and producing results are all done via technology.

With a greater number of people now working remotely, what are the implications of remote work? How has digitization supported the shift to remote work? What else needs to be done? What are the security concerns and how can they be mitigated? How can we help employers across sectors identify future needs? How can we train, re-train, educate employees to be able to meet the needs of the future work force? What skills are needed?

These are all important questions that are on the minds of many across public sector. To help the conversation going, a panel that will be moderated by Robert Osborn, Chief Technology Officer, Global Governments, ServiceNow, will delve into these questions at DX Summit.

DX Summit is a two-day virtual event that will take place on May 27-28. Hosted by Canadian Government Executive and Vanguard, the conference aims to bring together senior executives in the business of government who are leading or need to lead the transformation of living and working in a digital world.

Innovations in the nature of work, data collection, service delivery, policy making, cybersecurity, and inclusive growth, all depend on the successful use of digital technology. As leaders across government, the defence sector, academia and digital-enabled companies are keen to build the capacity and expertise throughout their organizations to prepare for the challenges of the future, DX Summit will act as the platform to help move in that direction.

Other speakers in the panel on The Future of Work and Response to Vulnerable Sectors include:

  • Dr Sara Filbee, Public Servant in Residence in the Dalhousie School of Public Administration
  • Jeffrey Roy, Professor, Public Administration, Dalhousie University
  • Neil Bouwer, Vice President of the Canada School of Public Service

To attend this event virtually, register here.

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