In Montreal, on December 12, 2023, Crisis24, part of the GardaWorld family, shared its annual report, the 2024 Global Risk Forecast.

This report is a practical guide for leaders navigating risks in the year ahead. Crafted by over 180 experts across the globe, it offers insights into various global events and risks, covering different categories and regions.

“As leaders in the integrated risk management industry, we provide our clients with best-in-class resources and insights to prepare them along with their businesses for whatever comes next in an increasingly complex global environment,” said Michael Susong, Senior Vice President of Global Intelligence at Crisis24. “The Global Risk Forecast is an invaluable tool for business and security leaders to help prepare their organizations to anticipate and manage the most relevant risks to their operations.”

The report covers aviation, cyber, environmental, health, maritime, and more, with a focus on the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Asia, and Africa.

It touches on topics like cyber warfare’s impact on geopolitics, the influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in different industries, climate change causing more extreme weather events, ongoing conflicts like those in Ukraine and the Middle East, the growing threat of ransomware, the need for secure supply chains, and the spreading of misinformation through AI.

If you’re keen on exploring Crisis24’s Global Risk Forecast for 2024 and understanding global risks better, you can find more information here.

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