It’s the last week of November! We hope everyone’s been bundling up warm! We’ve had a lot of content this week, so we drew up this handy list for you in case you missed anything. It’s perfect for evenings huddled by the fireplace.

In September, John Wilkins wrote a piece – Does Blueprint 2020 hold Wouters? – that has since received 26,000 hits. Do you think Blueprint 2020 has the power to change anything, or will it be like other clerk-led initiatives that have failed?

The Ontario Public Service has won the greenest employer award for the fourth year in a row. Kerry Pond, the assistant deputy minister, Centre for Leadership and Learning, with the Ministry of Government Services, talks about how the OPS did it.

James Mack, head of the British Columbia Climate Action Secretariat, talks about how BC has set the North American benchmark for carbon neutral communities.

CGE staff writer Amy Allen writes about Dave Nikolejsin and the BC Services Card project, which received our Leading Management Change award in April 2013. She also blogs about Manitoba’s first Nurse Practitioner Day.

Editor-in-chief Toby Fyfe on a different approach for expert advice: why we need expertise input in the policy-making process.

Craig Sellars blogs about the effective use of the stretch assignment.

Peter Labor, the director of Protected Areas and Ecosystems with Nova Scotia Environment, on protecting Nova Scotia’s ecosystems.

Steve Montague, co-president of the Performance and Planning Exchange, talks about a systems approach in complex regulatory environments.

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Have a wonderful weekend!