We are excited to share with you the August/September 2019 issue of Canadian Government Executive. In this issue, we have articles on:

Situating Innovation to Advance Results
By Christine Minas

Lessons from the Budget Speech of Over 50 Years Ago
By Shirley Tillotson

Social Impact Bonds: Unlocked Potential to Transform How We Fund Social Services
By Wenjue L. Knutsen

600 MHz Auction: A Rare Opportunity for Canada’s Rural Communities
By Hunter Macdonald

Who are the People Buying Your Digital Data?
By Howard Dawson

Raising the Digital IQ of all Levels of Canadian Government
By Heather Simpson

A Better Way to Keep Pace with Technology
By Viasat

Thriving on Delegation
By John Wilkins

Rural Canada – Renaissance or Residue?
By Jeffrey Roy

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Canadian Government Executive – Volume 25 – Issue 03