What is transformation going to look like? That’s the question on the minds of many who are going through digital transformation. But it’s not the “what” that is the challenge, it’s the “capacity” to implement the what.

In the show today, J. Richard Jones talks with Craig Szelestowski, President and Founder of Lean Agility Inc. Craig is a Lean government and transformation specialist with close to two decades of experience implementing dramatic turnarounds in Canadian government. He started Lean Agility Inc. in 2010 to apply Lean exclusively to government organizations. With his coaching, his clients have reduced lead times by up to 80 per cent, increased capacity by up to 200 per cent and created outstanding levels of employee engagement.

Craig will be speaking at the Lean Government Summit 2019 that will be held on October 1-2, 2019 at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa. This summit brings together global public servants and thought leaders to share breakthroughs in the delivery of products and services through improved processes, innovation and energized people.