The summer is quickly coming to a close and the host J. Richard Jones is back with a new episode of CGE Weekly. He spends some time catching of up with CGE Editor-in-Chief, Lori Turnbull. Their conversation dives right into the issue of the Conservative Party leadership, election dates, and potential future leadership candidates for the Liberal Party.

Also in this episode:

  • The pros and cons of Pierre Poilievre
  • What does the shifting Conservative leadership mean?
  • Does Pierre Poilievre have what takes, or limited growth appeal?
  • Who is appealing more to the working class, Conservatives or NDP?
  • Where are the Liberals with social programs like childcare, PharmaCare, dental care?
  • Is the Trudeau leadership getting long in the tooth?
  • Who’s on deck to lead the Liberals?
  • And much more!