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COVID-19 and our generational opportunity to improve citizen services
CGE Podcast

COVID-19 and our generational opportunity to improve citizen services 

In this episode, J. Richard Jones talks with Mark Lambert from Accenture. Marks leads Accenture’s Federal Public Service business in Canada and manages the Ottawa office. He dedicates most of his time to supporting Federal clients innovate and implement digital solutions to address their most important challenges and transform how citizens are served. Having spent a large part of his career in client account leadership roles, Mark has built a reputation as a trusted and strategic client advisor.

Hear about why now is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to improve citizen services, the major lessons learned from COVID-19 and Government IT and citizen services, how cloud and 5G will drive new services to Canadians, the key trends or opportunities in government service delivery right now, CMHC move to the cloud and the success factors that other government departments, agencies, crown corps can take from CMHC’s transformation.

To access the report that was mentioned during the podcast: Public service for a new era, go here.

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