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The Canadian Cloud Difference
CGE Podcast

The Canadian Cloud Difference 

In this episode of CGE Radio, J. Richard Jones chats with Craig McLellan, Chief Executive Officer of ThinkOn about the Canadian cloud difference. Government services in Canada need to address digital service delivery objectives while adhering to regulatory requirements. There is a critical need to provide accessible, nationwide digital delivery of services to every corner of Canada. And this is where cloud platforms can help. There is need for data sovereignty and transparency. Major cloud providers that are global can be a risky proposition for government agencies that must adhere to data sovereignty regulations. Learn why and so much more in this episode of CGE radio.

In this episode:

  • Canada has a government wide, cloud first strategy
  • What does it mean to be an approved cloud service provider under the Shared Services Canada framework agreement for secure workload?
  • Challenges in adapting a cloud first adoption strategy
  • Data sovereignty, traceability, and supply chain management. Following Canadian regulations

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