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CGE Weekly – episode 8: Predictions for 2023
CGE Podcast

CGE Weekly – episode 8: Predictions for 2023 

It’s the first CGE Weekly show of 2023! Join host J. Richard Jones and CGE editor-in-chief, Dr. Lori Turnbull as they look into the crystal ball and hypothesize about what the year ahead in Canadian politics might look like. They cover federal and provincial politics, the potential for a federal election, the North American Leader’s Summit, and give listeners a preview of the hot topics CGE will be focussed on.

Also in this episode:

  • Is the health care system on life support?
  • How is the Confidence and Supply Agreement holding up?
  • Will Pierre Poilievre seek broader appeal?
  • Which way with Albertans swing in a provincial election?
  • Who would a federal election hurt and who would it benefit?
  • The budget, hybrid work, digital governance, digital transformation, the DX Summit
  • And so much more!

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