In this episode of CGE Radio, we look at how government organizations can use technology to automate their hiring process.

Joining J. Richard Jones and Lori Turnbull to discuss this topic is Sean Fahey, CEO of VidCruiter. Sean is an award-winning business leader, serial entrepreneur, and strategic recruitment advisor who is eager to share his expertise and help people solve hiring problems.

VidCruiter is a company that helps HR teams worldwide modernize their recruiting efforts by providing video recruitment and online hiring solutions. The company’s software can be implemented and used by government to recruit and hire talent in an innovative, cost-effective and user-friendly way, providing benefits to both the recruiters and the candidates.

Hear an overview of the work they’ve done with Canadian and international governments, the benefits of an automated solution in helping candidates and hiring agencies, how VidCruiter work to accommodate government needs when it comes to hiring and recruitment, being compliant with government organizations’ regulations, confronting data security risks, and what government agencies like about this solution.